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Datablend From Multiple Data Sources For Better Analytics

Normally when it comes to reporting and analytics there are two options a business can take.

Option 1 - Utilise IT resources to take ownership of all data queries and report building, which isn’t always the best use of time.
Option 2 – Use basic reports without in depth analysis which can lead to bad decision making.

StarQuery Suite ensures that your decisions are the best for your business by offering a Business Intelligence self-service solution. StarQuery MapDesigner allows IT departments to provide usable ‘database views’ for end-users to create in depth analysis reports and dashboards leading to better decision making.

Secure Access To Data

User Autonomy

Utilise All Business Data Sources

Benefits Of Data Blending Using StarQuery MapDesigner

Reduce IT Workload

With the creation of predefined maps, IT no longer needs to spend time creating repetitive and individual user requests.

Control Access To Data

Define filters within ‘views’ so end users are only able to view data they are certified to access.


Blend multiple data sources together to ensure you have all the relevant information available to you.


A wizard facilitates the creation of formulas and complex tasks like: conversion of date formats, the extraction of relationship joins and much more.

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What our customers said about StarQuery MapDesigner

Before StarQuery, the already overworked IT department had the tedious task of constantly having to write new queries that did not always have the desired result.

Thierry Lepiez, IT Director @ Hoya Lens

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