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Distribute Your KPIs To The Right People On Time

The increasing use of KPIs makes the creation of reports and their distribution more complex and affects two areas of the business.
For end users – It is essential for them to receive the correct information at the right time, so that it may be acted upon accordingly.
It is also important for IT to be able to schedule reports rapidly, in order to get the most out of available resources. It frees up IT's: time, resources and boosts happiness of end users.

Schedule Updates of KPIs

Automatically Distribute Reports

Save Time

Never Miss A Report Deadline With StarQuery Scheduler

Set Up Advanced Scenarios For Creating & Distributing Reports

When using StarQuery advanced scenarios you can be sure that end users always receive the correct data securely and on time.

Real Time KPI Updates

Real time KPI`s mean you no longer have to manually update information or re-key information to publish the correct results.

Multiformat Reporting

Excel, HTML, PDF, XML or CSV: end users are able to undertake their analysis in a format they are familiar and comfortable with.

Sharing Mode

Your documents can be archived on your network, published on a website or on Sharepoint. They may also be sent by mail, or centralised and accessible online with StarQuery Console. StarQuery adapts to the methods of sharing within your business.

Schedule Updates To Reports In Excel

There’s no need for an administrative profile, users can customise the ‘refresh rate’ of their reports directly in Microsoft Excel.

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What our customers said about StarQuery Scheduler

Before StarQuery, the IT department was always overworked. It had the tedious task of constantly writing new queries, which did not always have the desired result.

Thierry Lepiez, , IT Director @ Hoya Lens

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