Archive Documents & Make Them Instantly Available

Let your employees, customers, suppliers or partners open and instantly consult relevant documents pertaining to them, in total security, wherever they are.

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A Simplified Document Archiving System, Secure & Accessible Directly From the Web

Compleo Archivor, the archiving module of Compleo suite stores your outgoing documents securely. It incorporates a powerful search tool to recover them via a web browser. Access is fast and easy for all your employees, but also for your customers, suppliers or partners.

Electronically stock your outgoing documents

Easily Search & Find Your Documents

Ensure Your Documents are Accessible From Anywhere

The Benefits of a Document Archiving Tool Like Compleo Archivor

Reduce Your Printing Costs & Physical Archiving

Reduce your printing costs and move from paper archiving to electronically stocking documents automatically.

Gain Time When Searching Your Documents

Have you analysed the time spent by your accountants to search for an invoice? Do your sales teams have to search through large amounts of paper files to find their order number? With Compleo Archivor, personalise indexed properties as well as research forms and offer instant access to documents.

Access Your Documents From Anywhere

A customer dispute, a business visit or a late payment? From your smartphone or tablet, access purchase orders, invoices and payments through mobile teams or directly from your partners

Secure Your Documents & Their Access

Insert an electronic signature and a time stamp, which is all in compliance vis-à -vis electronic archiving rules. Following on from that manage the access rights to documents according to the user profile and filters attached to it.

Gain on Responsiveness When Sending Application Documents

For debt collection, take into account your order suppliers ... instantly send an email and share documents directly attached or via a URL.

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What our customers said about Compleo Archivor

We use Archivor to digitally preserve our proof of delivery , purchase and transport bills. In addition to saving time when we search for archived document, mass publishing since Archivor facilitates our lives in relation to editing files from the ERP.

JEAN CABY, IT Analyst @ Antony Dubois

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