Automated Vendor Payment Document Management

Efficient Processing of Vendor Payments

Processing vendor payments poses a problem for many organizations because they lack the automated system to expedite the process. The process of moving various documents through the appropriate channels to reach the accounts team and finally authorize the payment to be processed can take time and is highly susceptible to human error. Relying on this manual process creates repetitive work and can extend the time between orders and outgoing deliveries. Living in a world of immediate gratification, even the slightest delays can damage your vendor relationships enough for them to consider a new customer. Is it really worth the risk?

Our solution for

Providing Paperless and Automated Vendor Payment Processing

Compleo enables your vendors to upload digital copies of invoices and related documents directly on to your system. These documents are then automatically matched with the purchase orders and goods receipt/delivery note that were initially created and are on file. Once the documents are matched within Compleo, they are automatically distributed to the accounts team for a quick payment processing, thus expediting your outgoing delivery.


of Automating your Document Management

  • Avoid physical copies and delays in post
  • Automation eliminates human error
  • Eliminates delays due to manual sorting and distribution of documents
  • Easily review uploaded documents and provide clear information of payment status to vendors

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