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Organizations are constantly receiving documents from various sources. Finding a way to collect and match these documents into a single repository is almost impossible. The manual process of matching and filing these documents is critical to the success of the company, but is often plagued by manual errors that result in delays while they are being corrected. The result of such delays is an inefficient use of working capital and a delay in your ability to collect payments.

Our solution for

Automating and Digitizing your Business Processes to Ensure Efficiency and Accuracy

Compleo provides a complete solution to simplify the way you handle your documents. Easily create, distribute, and archive invoices making sure you always know how and where to find them. Gone are the days of ordering pre-printed stationary and relying on the postal service to deliver your documents. Compleo allows you to expedite your delivery and thus reduce your receivables time, putting money in your pocket sooner and decreasing the stress on your receivables team!


of Automating your Business Process Management

  • Eliminate the use of pre-printed stationary
  • Adaptable and scalable for all future BPM needs
  • Increasing efficiency to reduce collection times
  • Quick ROI and Payback

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Customer story

Amiantit Oman Co. LLC. Reduces its Order to Cash Cycle using Compleo Suite

By incorporating Compleo into its infrastructure, Amiantit Oman has successfully progressed towards capitalizing their Net-Working Capital performance by automating a complex business process.


Reduce order to cash cycle with a seamless process

Completely automate complex business process of Order to Cash leveraging the non-programming Compleo Technology. Automating this process results in better Net Working Capital performance and reduction in collection cycles.

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