Centralized Print Management

Simplify Print Management with a Windows Based Print Manager

Many print jobs are critical for an organization. One missing document can have a direct impact on production, finance, delivery, etc. Organisations frequently struggle with their ability to guarantee the availability of print services, ensuring business continuity in the cases of hardware breakdown or paper jams, quickly identifying successful and failed print jobs, and taking advantage of the entire print infrastructure across a heterogeneous printer environment, especially when multiple sites are involved. Singularly, each one of these issues can be resolved, but are you prepared to encounter and resolve more than one at the same time?

Our solution for

Guaranteeing 100% Success on all Print Jobs

With the implementation of a Centralized Print Management system from Symtrax, you can ensure your success by controlling, managing, and monitoring your entire print environment from one program. Take full control by enabling your company to track print jobs, get real time status updates and alerts, and set up automatic contingencies in case of failures. This will also allow for increased productivity as you can predefine advanced print settings, all while ensuring a secure print environment.


of Adding a Centralized Print Management System

  • Eliminate local printer drivers
  • Automatic recovery in case of failure
  • Reduce print waste and costs
  • Reduce manual intervention to basics
  • Improve the flexibility of your print infrastructure

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