Improved Supply Chain Document Management

The Challenges of a Decentralised Supply Chain

As businesses become more streamlined, and technology allows for searching the global markets for the best prices for products, supply chains are expanding faster than ever. For example, manufacturers and purchasing departments can have thousands of suppliers for one item, and this in itself becomes time consuming and complicated. Businesses with large supply chains equal businesses with a lot of incoming and outgoing documents, and keeping control of where in the chain you are becomes a daily challenge.

Our solution for

Centralized Supply Chain Management

Our solution will automatically pick up, merge, sort, and store all documents relating to an order in an intuitive, easy to use, digital supply chain archiver. Using Compleo you can be sure to know exactly where in the chain your order is through the use of review and approve workflows. Coupled with digital signatures for authorization and alerts for when the chain stops, you can maximize control and insight.


of Improving your Supply Chain Document Management

  • Access all documents with a single order number
  • Fully automated
  • Intelligent storage and alerts
  • Faster and more streamlined processing
  • Improved order delivery processing times

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