Enhanced KPI Reporting

Providing key performance indicators to management and employees within a format that is familiar to them is key to the success of your business. A flexible real-time reporting solution is essential when measuring productivity or processing financial data.

Improve The Analysis of Data Within Your Business

Collate Actionable Data From Separate Systems

Circulating information across a company is complicated when you have a variety of systems. StarQuery improves productivity by easily connecting to different systems, databases and other information sources.

Measuring Productivity & Financial Information With The Same Tool

StarQuery Suite is a self-service decision-making tool. Users do not have to rely on IT to create queries. An easy-to-use interface offers them a great deal of independence.

Easy To Distribute KPIs

With StarQuery Suite, you can send your KPIs by email each morning, send an alert when a threshold is crossed, or propose a centralized dashboard via the web.

How does it works ?

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