Digitalization of Delivery Notes

Compleo Suite offers many solutions for the digitalisation of business forms that allows your to sort files, track user access, and securely trace authorization steps in the order fulfillment process.

Have an organized supply chain and retrieve delivery notes faster in our digital archive.

Consolidation of carrier, or logistics partner delivery notes

Don’t lose track of your shipments, keep them all together in a centralized, digital archiving tool that makes it easy to find any order, any time.

Digital Bill of Lading, automatic recovery of document properties

The delivery notes are scanned to be processed virtually. Thanks to a QR code present on the document, properties are recovered automatically.

Retrieve document properties from files experiencing an error in the ERP, by simply entering the BL number

For documents that could not be processed automatically, properties can be quickly retrieved from the ERP, using the document number.

Possibility of creating a document package, including the order form or any packing lists, before storage

All documents related to a delivery note, such as the order form or the packing lists, can be bundled into a document package before archiving.

Intuitive and customizable search form.

Search by date interval, customer number, carrier number, etc.

How does it work ?

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