SOX compliant analytical reporting on demand

Give your users a secure, real-time and flexible self-service reporting solution and turn business data into powerful assistant.

Safely deliver users of all levels and skill sets the data they need in the format they want

Empower decision makers with secure access to their data

Corporations collect billions of data points that are only relevant if they can be easily accessed and understood. Whether you crunch data in Excel or check indicators on web dashboards, the information you need must be at your fingertips. StarQuery provides secured and controlled access from Excel as well as your device of choice.

IT maintains full control of resources and access

Sarbanes-Oxley compliance improves internal control over financial reporting. IT ensures the effectiveness of security implementation, monitors activity and privileges and manages corporate deployment. StarQuery Console provides the multilevel security and controls you need to keep your data safe.

Simplified implementation and ease of use

StarQuery’s secured analytical reporting solution is straightforward to deploy and use. Your database administrator defines relevant table views and permissions. Financial professional work within Excel, using our StarQuery plug in to pull what they need from your ERP and other back end systems. Key executives can monitor their business anywhere by accessing their favorite dashboards via phone, tablet or at their desk.

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