Organize Data Maps and Dashboards using StarQuery Suite

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Want to understand your data more in-depth, without the hassle of sorting through a large, messy and crowded database?
StarQuery Suite may be the perfect solution. Link data directly into maps from your database, sort and format it into an attractive dashboard. We empower users to present information in a way that enables management decision making and streamlines business operations. Learn more during our live demo on February 23, 2017 @ 11am Pacific Time.

Training Objectives:

  • Format & Design Data Maps
  • Utilize the SQ Formula Creation wizard
  • View fields across a variety of dimensions
  • Place constraints to keep data relevant
  • Sort data across dimensions, such as country and region
  • Build and customize queries in SQ for Excel
  • Format style of tables
  • Create dashboards that can lead your enterprise

Benefits of SQ Training:

  • Create clean data reports for management
  • Understand your data in real time, with mapped fields updated ad hoc
  • Build functional and interdepartmental views to stay aligned on initiatives
  • View information online in a web dashboard, from any browser window
  • Securely share attractive BI reports
  • Lead your enterprise in understanding BI data
  • After dashboard creation, securely share your files with a GUID link