Digital document management

Create, share, and track business documents.

Add value to existing processes

Do more than replacing, printing, and copying with your electronic report distribution. Integrate digital signature workflows, EDI, and cloud platform exchanges, along with mobile compatibility and individual document tracking.

For example, enhance standard SAP output documents into finely designed PDFs as well as machine readable files, send them into an approval workflow, and provide them automatically to any invoicing platform.

Improve document workflows with better management

When reports aren’t listed correctly or distributed on time, the information they contain becomes useless. Digital transformation helps enterprises better communicate with partners and internal users by optimizing document workflows and reports distribution. 

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  • ECC6, Hana, S/4Hana
  • SAP-certified solution
  • SAP Silver Partner
  • IBM i, Linux
  • IBM Business Partner
Business Applications
  • Microsoft Gold Certification

Siemens Corporation can create a single report from various sources:

From SAP Batch reports to MS Excel,

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Most frequent questions and answers

No change is needed. Our Compleo Suite software is an external output document management system. It communicates with ERP or business application through connectors or web services.

No. Compleo Suite, our document solution, grabs the produced SAP output document or report once released using standard SAP protocol. Since we don’t install anything on SAP itself, you are free to make upgrades while using Compleo.

Yes. You can save time, automate document distribution, and easily reformat AS/400 reports, among other tasks. Compleo Suite handles all spool files released by IBMi.  

The same Compleo software works in IaaS or PaaS, while additional Compleo services run as SaaS. Compleo can fit hybrid architectures as well, adapting to your preferred structure.

Sure, Compleo Suite allows you to enrich and redesign documents in a user-friendly interface without any impact on your existing system.

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With Compleo we have much more control over reporting. We are still finding new uses for it. Its flexibility has allowed us to schedule some of the reporting work off hours while still being able to react to reports that need to be run during the day.

Alicia Waddhimgham

Reporting Administrator

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