Validate Your Documents Without Printing

Replace your manual processes with paperless workflows. Check, complete and electronically validate your documents for maximum productivity.

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Electronic Validation for all Your Document Processes

Manually moving documents between employees is time-consuming and paper inefficient.
Compleo Reviewer organises the release circuits of your electronic documents securely . A web browser is enough to view the documents, as well as: enrich , validate , or trigger other actions such as distribution or archiving.

Avoid Printouts

Limit the Risk of Errors

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Improve Your Productivity

The Benefits of a Document Workflow Solution Tool Like Compleo Reviewer

Gain Added Value & Reactivity

Use dematerialised processes to validate documents, whether they are incoming or outgoing. Participants may be internal to the organisation or partners.
Send email alerts for every step of the process to demonstrate the progress to all stakeholders and reduce the validation time.

Organize Your Validation Circuit According to Your Wishes

Simply put, define a document workflow with the different stages incorporated within a set criteria such as the source or amount.

Promote Collaborative Work

At each stage of the process, select the participants and the actions to take: approval, enrichment, distribution, archiving, ...
You can also sign your documents with a digital signature or digital certificate.

Reduce Processing Costs

Avoid printing paper, data entry errors and lost documents by structuring a dematerialised validation circuit.
Increase productivity by eliminating the need to track physical records.
Review them from a web interface and check the what is left to approve. At any given time, you know at what stage of the circuit they are located.

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What our customers said about Compleo Reviewer

Our mode of operation was holding us back before using Compleo. With Reviewer Archivor we now have a single interface to process and assign the documents from all inflows. On top of that, with the centralisation of archived files, it has cut the time it normally takes us to find documents by 5 or 10 times what it used to be.

David Cassier, IT Responsible @ SERVIMO

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