Validate and print your documents on demand

Validate, sign and print your business documents from your PC.

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Validate, sign and print your documents produced on your ERP from a user station

Create a gateway between centralized production of documents and uploading to the user validation actions, digitized signatures and printing.
Organisieren Sie die Verwaltung Ihrer Dokumente von A bis Z

Organize the management of your documents from A to Z

Sichern Sie Ihre Daten

Secure your data

Benefits of a local validation, signature and printing module for documents like Compleo Remote Agent

Senden Sie die Dokumente, die Sie in ihrer Anwendung erstellt haben, an das Gerät eines Endanwenders

Send documents produced by your applications to a user station

The validation and printing strategy must be streamlined, centralized and economical. It must also meet the needs of the services concerned, particularly in terms of flexibility and security. Regardless of the device used, Compleo Remote Agent allows validation, signing and remote printing on the user station while ensuring confidentiality.

Deaktivieren Sie die Produktion zentraler Dokumente um sie zu begutachten, bevor sie abgeschickt werden, und senken Sie so Ihre Kosten

Disable the production of your central documents for a pre-shipment inspection and reduce your costs

When your outbound documents are mass-produced, it can be helpful to perform a visual check or even customize the documents. This is what allows Compleo Remote Agent, via an interface that is immediately available. Think about it: less wasted paper is also savings for you and it's good for the planet!

Autorisieren Sie oder lehnen Sie Geschäftsdokumente ab - vom PC aus

Validate or reject your corporate documents from your PC

With Compleo Remote Agent, you can add or edit text, reject or commit the document before printing. You benefit from both the security of a centralized document design and the flexibility of working in an office environment. For example, the user can control all the advanced printing parameters: economy mode, double-sided, font size, black and white printing, tray selection, ...

Unterzeichnen Sie Ihre Dokumente aus der Ferne

Sign your outgoing documents remotely

The documents produced must be signed? The manager will see a popup on his PC and can affix his digital signature in one click. The list of documents waiting for signature appears on the interface: no risk of forgetting a document!

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