Convert Your Documents Into Business Reports

Automatically create reports and business like correspondence from the ERP for your business departments.

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Make the Most of Your ERP Output Data

The current standard for your applications fail to meet all your communication and customisation needs. Manual reporting often leads to errors and thus loss of time and money.
Whatever their format, Compleo Explorer creates, customizes and provides functional and suitable office documents straight from your edits.

Personalise your business documents

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Easily Visualise your spools

Personalise the Distribution of Your Documents

The Benefits of a Spool Files Conversion Tool Like Compleo Explorer

Exploit the Output Data of Your Applications

With Compleo Explorer, you view and store your spools as PC files . Data manipulation is intuitive thanks to a Windows -like interface.

Create & Customise Functional Professional Documents

Without any application programming, leverage data from your spool files in Microsoft Office.
The data is then integrated in your Word templates, of letters, contracts, reports, etc

Convert the Format of Your Data

Compleo Explorer adjusts your data in the format expected by your partners or your software: HTML, text, PDF, CSV

Distribute Your Reports

Distribution criteria is easily customisable to suit your needs. Then simply choose the best way to distribute your reports : email, FTP, fax, Publication SharePoint, etc

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What our customers said about Compleo Explorer

I manage more than 1,500 documents every day. With the tools available to me thanks to the Compleo suite (Explorer, layout ), I can customise and complete my files from AS400 spool files and generate PDF forms or print in our department. It's a real daily time saver.

Eric Chaufriasse, IT Production Coordinator @ CEMOI

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