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Reduce operational costs by industrialising the production of your documents from your information systems.

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Personalized & Automated Document Production for Better Productivity

The evolution of information systems has complicated document management within businesses. The multitude of data formats and distribution channels result in the need to customise and automate document production. Supervisor is the central element of the Compleo suite. It integrates with all aspects of an industrialised process logic, regardless of the volume.

Save Time in Your Document Production

Limit the Risk of Manual Errors

Simplify Maintenance of Your Document Production

The Benefits of a Document Process Automation Solution Like Compleo Supervisor

Automate & Schedule Your Scenarios

Define the condition for each document type.
Each action is planned or triggered by the administrator from predefined events. Without modifying the existing format, sort and group your documents in batches safely without the risks associated with manual processing.

Multi-Source Connection

Compleo Supervisor interacts with your environment. Whether your documents
come from SAP, mailboxes, IBM mainframe, AS400, files or office applications the module is able to automate processing.

Remotely Monitor & Supervise Your Documents

Deliver your document processes anywhere, thanks to the web and mobile interface : process relaunch, tracking actions or errors...

Increase Your Quality of Service & Reduce Your Operating Expenses

The architecture "high availability" is flexible and scalable to absorb high traffic and reroutes automatically in case of failure.
Compleo Supervisor integrates with any type of architecture: simple or complex, single or multi -sites , for one or more environments.

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What our customers said about Compleo Supervisor

What used to take hours can now be done in minutes. Compleo Supervisor gave me the ability to automatically generate and distribute reports by email . This saved us valuable time and money.

Kevin Sheen, Basis Admin @ MSA

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