The Commercial Bank’s situation

The Commercial Bank has 2 IBM ISeries servers located in Doha, Qatar. These IBM systems serve as the backbone of The Commercial Bank’s IT infrastructure. They currently use Compleo Supervisor to reformat and distribute documents and reports daily from 2 IBM ISeries servers.

Issue: Document enrichment and poor distribution process

Prior to implementing Compleo Supervisor into their IT infrastructure, the end-users had to do a lot of manual work to create and distribute reports. One of the specific challenges was to convert documents and reports into PDF/Text and HTML which was being done by physically printing the files, sorting them by department/branch and distributing via internal post. This process would take about 8-10 hours per day and required more overhead by managememt.

Solution presented by Symtrax

Compleo Supervisor enables the users to directly connect to over 300 Output Q’s on the IBM ISeries servers, pick up the required documents and reports, format them, and distribute them in PDF/Text or HTML format. A big advantage is there is no programming knowledge needed to enrich and reformat the ISeries documents. The Commercial Bank exports about 900 reports per day with no bottlenecking due to Compleo Supervisor’s multi-threading capabilities. Templates, once created in Compleo, can be applied to documents and reports when required, and as many times as necessary. The reformatting and distribution definitions have been built into these templates, and are automatically applied to the documents and reports when the templates are opened.


By introducing Compleo Supervisior into its infrastructure, The Commercial Bank no longer relies on out dated, time consuming tasks. End-users have evolved their Document Management techniques from hand sorting and delivering reports, to automatically splitting up and emailing them internally. Despite its advanced features, Compleo’s learning curve is small so employees, company wide, can use it with minimal training. Compleo has the automation power to distribute formatted reports in the desired format much faster than before; thus improving the business efficiency, enabling users to make faster business decisions, and be more responsive to customer and market trends. For The Commercial Bank, the significant benefit is that Compleo Supervisor has helped improve communication with business users.


•Only one person is required to manage the entire process
•Reduce conversion time of documents and reports from hours to minutes
•Use one template for exporting all documents and reports
•Eliminate bottlenecking with Supervisor’s multi-process capabilities
•Dynamically select individual pages for distribution
•Quickly and efficiently distribute documents in the relevant customer format


About the Commercial Bank

The Commercial Bank plays a vital role in Qatar’s economic development through offering a range of personal, business, government, international and investment services. Established in 1975 as Qatar’s first private bank it operates in Retail and Wholesale banking and makes strategic investments through its associates and subsidiaries.

The Commercial Bank is dedicated to supporting Qatar’s community and social infrastructure through Corporate Social Responsibility programmes and sponsorship of various events like The Commercial Bank Qatar Masters and the Grand Prix of Qatar Moto GP.