Détails du poste

Localisation: London, U.K

Contrat: Permanent contract

Département: Sales

Expérience requise: 1 an

Language(s): anglais /

Atouts de ce poste

As a new consultant, recently graduated with a B.S, you are inspired by  innovative  software solutions that add value to industries and services.

Beyond your strong technical capabilities, you are looking for an opportunity involving pre-sales activities to position you at the forefront of  business. You are interested in understanding customer specifications and projects, being eager to match them with existing software solutions you are mastering.

You believe digital document workflows provide a vast avenue of capabilities to support business data exchanges when combined with modern techniques such as SaaS web applications.

This is what we envision for you as a Pre-sales Software Consultant at Symtrax,  London.

If you are passionate about software technologies and have a natural aptitude for listening and communicating with business project managers or decisionmakers, then this position is for you.

At Symtrax, we give you the opportunity to interact with multiple industry sectors  with varying needs for digital document transformation and processing. SAP S/4Hana, AWS, MS Azure web application, to name a few, are platforms we work with. Digital document enhancements, including the latest technologies such as e-signature, format conversion, meta-data enrichment, are monitored to better serve new business trends, such as e-invoicing or web-EDI techniques.

The Symtrax U.K. Office is located in Kensington, London. This position is majority office-based with 1 day per week home-based. Occasional UK. travel will be required to attend workshops or meet  with customers. An open space work environment is where you will experience ease of communication and coaching to help you reach your full potential. Enjoy contact with  our various global offices for best practices sharing and pre-sales collaboration.

At Symtrax, we enable you to stay up to date with the latest  software technologies and develop your business acumen.  Our approach is to see  your true potential and assist you in reaching it rather than utilize  your current expertise only.



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