Innovative Document Design and Intelligent Print Routing

Reformat, create, print and archive your SAP documents with Compleo Suite

Simply distribute spools/Documents across different printers in your business, and not only that you can now use any type of printer with your SAP system.

Make ongoing changes without smart forms or SAP Script. Helping to customise reports within hours rather than days, split a report into multiple documents or use document workflow for authorisation and digital signatures.

Access SAP documents through your Smartphone, externally from your SAP system and OCR for reading and matching documents. It's all in Compleo!

Reduce time and effort to create multi version documents to meet requirements for:

  • Customers
  • Regulatory Agencies
  • Specific Industries

Tweak output on the fly for:

  • Proposals & Sales Orders
  • Packing Lists, Delivery Instructions, Labels & Receipts
  • Invoices, Statements & Collection Letters

And gain benefits such as:

  • Reducing SAP Development Effort
  • Optimizing ABAP Development Resources
  • Expanding your Flexibility to answer business needs
  • Reducing Time to Deliver SAP Projects

Webinar agenda

Positioning Compleo Suite in a SAP environment

Customer Case: The Aoste Group leading supplier of “charcuterie” in France. Design and intelligent distribution of Invoices. Context : Migration from IBM DB2 to SAP

Web-demonstration, Q&A

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