My name is Benedict Sim, a Digital Transformation Consultant
here to assist you with the journey towards full digital solutions
and seamless cloud-based document interchanges.

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Sneak peek of Business Cases

Designed by Benedict Sim-
Fueling Growth through Middleware – Join us as we explore how to Elevate Efficiencies in Current IT Systems.


Designed By Benedict Sim –
Are you adopting E-invoicing? Are you adopting PEPPOL? InvoiceNow? You can implement it with your current system.


Designed by Benedict Sim –
Do you need a whole new system to get features that you need? With middleware, it can enhance and upgrade your existing systems whether it is old or new.


Customer Case Studies

With Email Supervision, Compleo captures incoming documents, to create an Excel with SO Data and distribute it through emails to the next parties.


Through SFTP, Compleo captures the PO information for automatic data entry and SO Creation in the ERP.


Through Folder Supervision, Compleo retrieves and extracts the document information. These information is then used to connect to the government tax portal and extract information; which is used to create a brand new document combining all information.


Have a concept in mind?

Symtrax’s Goal – Accelerate digital transformation with Intelligent automation

Symtrax has 30+ years of experience creating and implementing digital document solutions to turn enterprise processes fully digital and EDI ready. We craft, tailor, and seamlessly integrate customer-specific software solutions along with cloud-based document interchanges.


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Contact Details
Digital Transformation Consultant
+65 8819 3758