Accelerating Manufacturing Process with Intelligent Automation


Discover How Automation is Modernizing Manufacturing Processes

Let’s delve into the transformative power of automation in streamlining key business processes. Businesses, both big and small, are actively looking to revamp the way they handle RFQs, streamline their procurement with P2P automation, and add an extra layer of convenience and security with digital signatures.


It’s not just a trend; it’s a necessity. Automation is the key to reducing manual errors, boosting productivity, and ultimately, saving time and money. So, if you’re curious about how companies are embracing these transformations and the incredible results they’re achieving, stick around! We’ve got some inspiring stories and insights coming your way.



Our Solution


P2P Automation

Empower your team to do more with less effort and boost efficiency with Symtrax automation solution, while staying compliant. Processes you can automate with Compleo:

  • Purchase Requisition: PR created in SAP is sent for review based on the condition set.
  • Request for Quotation: Quotations from multiple vendors is collated and sent for review.
  • Purchase Order Creation: PO created in SAP and signed PO automatically sent to the vendor.
  • GRN creation: Automate GRN creation directly into SAP, automate the MIGO process.
  • Automatic MIRO: Automate 3-way matching and MIRO process.


Digital Signature


  • Easy B2B integration with SAP or any other ERP systems
  • Remotely sign business documents with a digital signature certificate stored in USB tokens, or centrally sign using HSM.
  • Automate the distribution of digitally signed documents using multi-channel distribution via EDI.
  • Simultaneously pushback the signed document to the ERP.

Keynote Summary


  1. Digital Transformation: Embrace digital transformation as the cornerstone of manufacturing efficiency.
  2. Streamlined Procure to Pay (P2P):
    • Automate purchase requisitions, purchase orders, and invoice processing
    • Provide digitized vendor eco-system
    • Accelerate procurement cycles while reducing errors
  3. Transform RFQs:
    • Foster better collaboration with suppliers
    • Analyze vendor quotes more effectively for cost savings
  4. Data-Driven Insights:
    • Leverage data analytics for performance insights.
    • Make informed decisions based on historical data and trends.

Say goodbye to tedious manual processes and hello to efficiency


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