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Compleo Hybrid is an easy and quick-to-install SAP extension with no development required.

Add flexibility and improve your document workflows

Document template and content integration

Manage and automate document processes

Digital document transformation and format conversion

Compleo Hybrid helps you cater to your business needs and boost your digital transformation with SAP.

Document conception and design

Thanks to Compleo Hybrid, you can design documents without disruption. Our user-friendly interface allows easy integration for QR codes, images, data and more. In addition, you can redesign each document type to adapt to your needs and corporate identity guidelines.

Personalized Delivery

Deliver documents automatically through the communication channel of your choice, such as email, print, digital storage, and EDI. This lets you exchange documents in a way that fits your enterprise. As a result, you can improve the communication channel adapting your message to the end-users, all through digital transformation.

Digital Transformation

Whatever output format (SAP GOF, XSL, SMART, OTF, IDOC), Compleo Hybrid converts to fit your preference. Adapt your data to your partner’s IT system requirement or application. What’s more, you can create XML, JSON, UBL, C2I, or PDF/A files and make your document readable by anyone.

Process Automation

Compleo Hybrid has an automation module that allows you to define scenarios for document processing. With just a few clicks, you can choose the actions to apply instantly depending on the document. For example, you can electronically sign specific documents and automatically send them on to internal staff, partners, clients, and other end users.

Interoperability and Interactivity

Using a BC-XOM or SAP RFC connector, Compleo Hybrid integrates seamlessly into your architecture as a document management solution external to SAP. It grants you increased flexibility with the ability to interact with many business applications or share your documents on C4C or SAP Cloud Platform. It also allows you to submit information to SAP via Archive Link and Content Server.

How Compleo works with SAP

Why use Compleo Hybrid?

Adapt to new demands:
Quick and easy installation with no development

Customized document processes:
Implement a user-friendly interface

Cut costs:
Our solution automates processes and grants them autonomy

End-user satisfaction:
Prioritize your tasks and improve internal collaboration.

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