Document workflows and authorisation

Change your Paper Process into a Cost Killer and Improve the Reactivity of your Organization

“The secretary of my department spends an hour a day running after the orders and contracts to make sure the directors have signed them.” Sound familiar to you? Such a simple, everyday process bears huge hidden costs: time spent printing the documents, carrying them from one service to the other, tracing the signature books, waiting for the director to grant you the necessary 2 minutes for his initials, etc. At a time when reactivity has become key to business, initiating a switch to Electronic Document Workflows can offer your organization the competitive advantage it requires.

Our solution for

Digitizing your Signature Process

Symtrax offers a turn-key electronic document validation process. Our tool allows you to easily create roles and steps to design a complete document workflow process. It is flexible enough to adapt to any validation process, traces each document, can be adjusted to your hierarchy to provide the confidentiality you require, and sets alerts to make sure the documents are signed on time.


of Digitizing your Document Workflows

  • Organizes the decision process by designing a workflow which respects the structure and hierarchy of your organization
  • Ensures traceability and changes working habits for more reactivity
  • Decreases paper costs
  • Saves time at any level of the hierarchy
  • Enhances confidentiality and security on internal and external documents

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Streamline Incoming and Outgoing Business Document Processing

This whitepaper focuses on the benefits of implementing a Business Document Workflow external to your current BPM, CRM, or ERP. It discusses processes that can be taken upon documents to enhance, approve, correct, and deliver them once outputted by your system.

Solution Video

Save time and go paperless with your business document approval process

In this short video, we will demonstrate how implementing an electronic document validation circuit can save valuable time and increase the overall efficiency of your organization.

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