Advanced Sharing of Business Documents via On-premises or Cloud Repository

Informing tiers about business documents, availability, and tracking their read access brings a lot to the table regarding business efficiency.

Allow your organization to distribute business documents with individual read receipt

Communicate a GUID or hyperlink path no longer a PDF Attachment

Invoices, purchase orders, delivery notes, packing list, etc. remain in a distinct place, as a unique secured document, preventing multiple copies and offering instant access.

Example GUID:

Universal access from anywhere from your fingertips

On the go technology - whether from mobile device, tablet or laptop, access is easy.

Be informed when and who read the business document

Make all of your processes easier, including the management of documents inside of your organization. Speed up invoice collection, track document workflow, improve audit and traceability of your operating procedures, such as sales order management.

Flexible access to corporate resources from external users.

On premise or cloud-based depending on your needs.


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