Connect Your ERP to the Google Cloud

House documents on Google’s online storage platforms using Compleo.

Start with raw data, end with business-friendly documents you can share on the Google Cloud

Transform the way you handle documents

Reduce operational costs by industrializing document production in a user-friendly way. Get storage, flexibility, and accessibility in the same package.

Automatically upload commercial documents to the cloud

Simplify your workflow with Compleo. Users can automatically send end documents to any Google Cloud storage bucket and/or Google Drive, eliminating the need for browser navigation.

Organize and locate files easily

Google Drive stores your documents in a centralized location so you don't have to navigate through several pages to access them. Use Compleo to harness the search power of Google and you can look up specific documents incredibly easily. Insert metadata into document properties to categorize by type, customer, date, and more unique criteria.

Backup your data and access it from anywhere

Whether you’re using nearline and coldline Storage for backup and archival purposes or Multi-Regional Storage for frequently accessed data, your data will be stored in multiple data centers throughout the world. It can also be encrypted using both server-side and client-side encryption. Since Google has a global presence, it offers the lowest latency on average, leading to faster upload and download speeds than other cloud providers: Compleo helps you take advantage of this for simpler storage.

Edit and update documents using the G-Suite​

Compleo can help your company utilize Google's common apps for a user-friendly experience. Access the full array of G-suite tools, including Google Docs, Google Drive, Google Sheets, and Gmail, for an easy way to structure your documents' lifecycle.

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