Cope with new EU regulation regarding B2G invoicing

Designed for multinational corporations. Support your French subsidiary, make your e-invoices compatible with French Chorus Gateway

Automatically transform and post EU invoices without affecting your current process

Simplify and Automate your Document Management Process

Simplify and Automate your Document Management Process

How does Compleo Suite send an invoice to Chorus Pro platform ?

Turn existing PDF invoices into required XML format

Whatever their initial format, invoices produced by Sales and Distribution ERPs are adapted to meet the requirements of Chorus Pro Gateway. They are converted into XML with pivot format compatibility and successful platform integration.

Automatically send invoices for the French public sector to Chorus Pro

Bidirectional API communication controls and integrates B2G processes.

Real-time check of data consistency

Ensure traceability through Chorus Pro API. Invoices status is reported instantly. Verification process list invoice status history. Detailed explanations are provided by the Government entity receiving invoices, offering a better governance.

Track B2G invoices status real time within your ERP

This enhanced Web Service reports invoice status back into your ERP using SAP RFC or XML file. Eliminating manual check redundancy.

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