Digital access to all documents requested by transportation and logistics

A single click to view the right shipping document saves a lot of time.

Digital transformation of existing transportation and logistics documents ease supply chain management. Forms readiness and instant availability boost delivery process.

Offer Web and Mobile document access to ease communication between Carriers, Supply Chain, and Warehouse.

A central and secured repository automatically fed by shipping documents generated by ERP provides real time and direct access to Bill of Lading, Delivery Notes, Packing List, etc.

Address diversity of shipments and transportation with tailored documents

Easily customize all shipping documents with modern transportation request such as Maxicode, certificate attachments, ISO compliance icons or destination language.

An improvement not requiring IT Applications changes necessarily

Existing documents are enhanced with digital technologies immediately upon production. The solution offers Cloud storage capabilities independent to your ERP while still linked to it.

Centralization of all business documents

A unique indexed repository to browse all logistics related documents.

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Webinar – From SAP EWM to meeting situation specific labeling requirements

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