Electronic invoicing for Europe

Invoice dematerialization now extends to Europe. Thanks to PEPPOL Manager, it’s possible to send invoices and commercial documents on the PEPPOL network in just a few clicks.

Expand your invoicing in Europe

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Discover our invoice solution throughout Europe.

In less 2 minutes.

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Discover our invoice solution throughout Europe.

In less 2 minutes.

Get international coverage

Expand the scope of your electronic invoice exchange activity throughout Europe. Eligible countries include: Sweden, Italy, Norway, Denmark, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Austria, and France, with Germany to be added soon.

Use standardized invoice formats

Whatever the initial invoice format (Spool, PDF, etc.), our solution can auotimatically transform the initial document into an XML file according to the country of the recipient. Ensure your invoices are accepted, while keeping compatible with UBL, BIS, GS1, CEN, EHF, and more.

Send in B2G as B2B

E-invoicing is vital for both public entities and private companies in Europe. Maintain consistency and accuracy while saving time during European business transactions.

Follow up with invoice deposits in real time

Make cash flow management easier with our real-time status updates. You can see whether an invoice has been submitted, is in progress, or has experienced an error, all via a user-friendly interface. Choose between a list or statistical view to see the latest details regarding your invoice data.

Share other commercial documents

Interfacing with the PEPPOL network also allows you to share additional types of documents, such as purchase orders or catalogs.

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