Simplified Financial Reporting Using Excel

Finance and Accounting departments require the ability to consolidate data from multiple sources to measure real-time company performance for forecasting and analysis. StarQuery allows you to utilise the power and flexibility of Excel to automatically publish financial reports

Automate The Extraction Of Your Financial Data In Excel

Reduced Dependency on IT

StarQuery Suite is a next-generation self-service BI tool. End users no longer need to rely on IT to create queries. The intuitive interface allows users to create their own independent reports on activity costs, stock levels, sales revenue and much more.

Data Blend From Multiple Sources To Create Real Time Business Analysis

StarQuery uses live connections (single or multiple data sources) to produce real time on demand reports and insight into your businesses operational performance.

Reduce Time By Automating Your Reports

StarQuery has a live link into your database(s), meaning your reports are automatically updated. You no longer have to duplicate reports in order to get the most up-to-date information.

Choose How to Distribute Your Reports

StarQuery offers you the flexibility to distribute your reports:
• Automatically send reports by email
• Publish dashboards online for analysis
• Email links to your centrally stored reports

How does it work?

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