Quick Customization of SAP Business Documents When Deploying SAP ECC or S/4HANA to a New Entity

Personalize forms effectively to match go-live dates.

Make any SAP-produced documents available to business partners, without affecting internal SAP resources

Simplify and Automate your Document Management Process

Simplify and Automate your Document Management Process

Match new SAP user requirements regarding form contents without delay

Each new entity has its own particulars to consider. Whether a company’s invoices require an extra column or a purchase order needs to include an item QRCode on each line, this solution offers dynamic table creation and RFC BAPI capabilities. Handle changes without affecting SmartForms.

Easily customize existing SmartForms output documents with new entity requirements

Securely digitize SAP output documents with a certified BC-XOM Connector. All advanced formatting features are easily embedded to enrich the final PDF and ease distribution.

Integrate business document distribution

Output device list and options are specific to each entity, and the same goes for document and report distribution parameters as well. A new entity’s SAP implementation can be much faster when distribution processes are externally automated, all while being coordinated by SAP.

Create digital business documents to handle new entity specifications

Implement new forms without SmartForms development. This new process works by triggering the document management solution from an SAP User Exit program which then requests relevant data through RFC BAPI. Doing this automatically builds and distributes the new form.

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