Reduce Days Sales Outstanding with electronic invoice tracking

Knowing whether and when customers open your invoices gets you paid sooner

Don’t lose files, keep everything stored digitally and avoid manual errors

Simplify and Automate your Document Management Process

Simplify and Automate your Document Management Process

Unique access to secure invoice is shared with customer

A simple email linking to the secured invoice pdf is sent to the customer. This invoice is centrally stored and can be re-delivered as needed. This advanced process eliminates attachments that can cause your emails to get flagged as spam.

Invoice tracking with powerful read access feature empowers Account Receivable department

What a business advantage to be aware the invoice itself has been read! There is no better acknowledgement. Much more powerful than an email receipt randomly received

A/R Collection can focus on non-opened invoices a few days after batch processing only

Collection process may start immediately for unopened invoices. The email address and correct contact are verified right away, avoiding these excuses when payment terms are reached.

Resending invoices is easy, using instantaneous re-publishing functionality

The unique Invoice link can be refreshed in one click, restarting the tracking process and emailing a new link to the original invoice.

Outsourcing collection with intuitive searches, without ERP access or duplicate invoice records

Providing intuitive access to outstanding invoices facilitates third party collection firms, while maintaining a firewall for the sensitive data residing in your ERP system.

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