Review Business Documents Online

Create a paperless workflow to handle purchase orders, quotes, HR documents, and more.

Enhance your CRM and make business documents customer-friendly​

Simplify and Automate Your Document Management Process

Simplify and Automate Your Document Management Process

Automate Bulk Digital Signing and Printing

Here’s how simple the approval process can be: Sales executives create the proposals in their CRM to be for their managers to review before sending to the customer. Then, managers can review the finished document and all activities via a web interface configured to recognize active directory credentials. You’ll know where a document is and who has signed it.


Attach additional content

Want to add your own message to an official form? Your managers can attach pricing structures, discounts, product features, instructions, and more. You can even automatically add text from external files as you prefer.

 Grant mobile access through a user-friendly interface
Users can read and sign documents on the go with a few taps on their cell phone. The interface also allows batch processes for handling time-sensitive documents in bulk. Approved items are sent to their final recipients via unique, secure GUID links for full traceability.

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