Share business documents with SAP Document Center on SAP Cloud Platform

Straightforward and secure process to distribute Invoices, Purchase Orders, Sales Orders, Proposals, etc.

Digital process to make any SAP produced documents available to business partners, without affecting internal SAP resources

Implement digital transformation of SAP business documents delivery

SAP Cloud Platform Document Center hosts copies of documents generated by ECC, HANA, or S/4 HANA. Corporate Users accomplish digital transformation of business documents they generate by sharing them with business partners instantly through a simple secured URL click.  No change is required in existing processes. All document formats are supported, including SAPGOF, OTF, SMART, XML and PDF

Distribute SAP produced documents to all business partners

Eliminate attachment distribution concerns: overwhelmed broadband, spam box detention, delivery delay. Business partners are instantly notified of document availability. A single click on an HTML link, directly pointing onto the document URL, pops-up the document, removing all burden to pass connection instructions and to maintain eligible logins.

Save SAP Enterprise Application resources

Security and performance of SAP internal resources are not affected. Business Documents are posted onto SAP Cloud Platform Document Center as soon as released, and Business Partners are notified via email or SMS text messaging. Document URLs may be saved back in SAP Generic Object Services as a private note or attachment list.

Speed-up communication and notification to your business partners

This new sharing process smooths document exchange and is fully compliant with SAP Document Center organization. It’s an advanced distribution method, allowing multiple people to refer to the same unique document.

SAP Cloud Platform via Compleo Supervisor

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