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Track and Manage Invoices Quickly

Keep track of your company’s payment documents and see when your customers open them.

Conveniently store and process invoices in a digital environment

Speed up invoice collection

Redundancy and inefficiency can slow your invoicing process down. Compleo gives you a clear way to communicate between parties and grant access to the same documents so you avoid missing deadlines.

Track documents throughout your workflow

Know exactly where an invoice is in its journey from start to finish. Increase traceability and get more information about each file in transit.

View valuable open/read data

Your documents can come with useful data about who opened them and when, allowing you to make more informed judgments. Access everything via our easy-to-use software platform on the device of your choice.

Store and secure documents for future access

Everyone who needs it can find your documents in a single, protected location within your company. Each invoice is secured, and the recipient will only receive a link, not an attachment, making it easier to separate real emails from spam.

Empower your A/R department

Accounts Receivable can take initiative instead of waiting around for an email receipt. Instant verification can help your company prioritize unopened invoices and save time.

Resend, refresh, and republish if needed

Need to send your invoices out again? The link to your document can be refreshed easily, and you can track the invoice just as you had before. Get a new chance to contact your customer without having to reformat the invoice or make any changes.

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