IBM Printing

Multiple spool file reports or forms produced by an IBMi, AS/400 or iSeries are sent to Windows printers.

The IBM IT team faces the challenge to send a proprietary spool file, such as SCS, IPDS or AFPDS, to PCL or Postscript printers and control them.

Emulated IBM 5250 printers, or Windows printers defined through a 5250 emulation, are not easy to manage and are quite difficult to set up the advanced options they may offer.

In order to ease and control all IBM printing operations, whether batch or interactive job, output queue or jobs queue, LAN or remote, a Windows print management software such as Compleo Print Manager offers a significant improvement to an IBM operations team.

Compleo Print Manager, an IBM Qualified solution, allows you to:

  • Install a Windows driver for any new printer to be accessed from IBM i.
  • Ease 5250 printer configuration using a Windows printer driver
  • Route any IBM print to the correct printer without tedious setup
  • Manage bandwidth issues caused by large IBM prints including graphics
  • Order printing operations along with document sequence number or category
  • Support secure IBM print requiring a printer badge
  • Define advanced configuration, or multiple advanced configurations, for the same printer. Such as two sided printing or multi-tray selection
  • Detect and restart operations without page duplication or a missing page in case of print failure
  • Keep track of printed page status using an advanced printer spooler dialog, which is a strong requirement for picking lists or labels for example
  • Offer IBM 5250 users print preview and re-print capability.
  • Offer IBM Web 5250 users ability to manage their print locally.

Compleo Print Manager Software connects directly to any IBM i, AS/400 or iSeries system with a qualified IBMi Spool Management protocol. i/OS Spools attributes are carried over to the Windows printer offering document traceability and security.  Symtrax has been an IBM PartnerWorld member since 1990.