IBM Reports into Excel

IBM OS/400 Applications produce hundreds of business or production reports. Customer statement, balance sheet, warehouse parts listing, etc., are generated in spool file format, such as SCS or IPDS, and stored in AS/400 output queues.

IBM Users face difficulties to value their content. Familiar to Excel spreasheet, they are looking for applications reports or listings to be delivered in such a format.
Capability to access directly Spool file reports in IBM output queues, and automatically reformat and distribute their data as an Excel file, will please end users and value IT departments.

Compleo Explorer, an IBM Qualified solution, allows you to:

  • Convert reports such as Spools, TXT, CSV into Excel format or XML format
  • Automatically burst multi-pages reports into individual Excel files and distribute them by email
  • Automatically reformat reports to remove unnecessary information and to parse text lines into cells in Excel.
  • Enhance decision making process and analysis by extracting relevant data from spool reports and delivering them into Excel in a timely manner

Compleo Software connects directly to any IBMi, AS/400 or iSeries system with a qualified IBM Spool Management protocol. i/OS Spools attributes are carried over to offer document traceability and security.  Symtrax is an IBM PartnerWorld member