SAP Document Multi-Channel Distribution

Communication technologies are changing at a faster pace than regular business practices that are fully handled by SAP.

An efficient way to make SAP better communicate with the customers, vendors and partners is to connect an SAP certified Windows based solution to distribute emails, store documents in a safe web repository, or notify users of document delivery.

An external Report and Document Distribution Solution working hand in hand with SAP allows you to replace printing with distribution. Deliver PDF/A, Excel or XML report via Emails, SOAP, FTP, publishing or archiving.

Compleo Supervisor, a Certified SAP solution, allows you to:

  • Distribute SAP documents through numerous channels without ABAP development
  • Use customers or vendors variables to adapt the document distribution channel to any case
  • Set process queues to create document bundles before distribution, even if SAP documents are released at different times, modules or output devices
  • Automate advanced distribution rules
  • Give read access to a centrally stored document and notify users on mobile device
  • Offer access to a document repository to anyone authorized, for users or partners not having an SAP profile
  • Returns acknowledgement to SAP system or a final document to SAP DMS, using ArchiveLink or Remote Function Calls, Bapi’s, RFC.