SAP Reports into Excel

Within each SAP module there are hundreds of predefined production reports

Many are not used because they are not available in the desired Excel format, cannot be burst into smaller reports or delivered to the appropriate users automatically.

Converting them into the appropriate format based on user’s needs has traditionally required the time and skill of an ABAP programmer. Capability to access directly the SAP LIST report, whatever SAP module produced it, and automatically reformat and distributes an Excel file, will please end users and value IT departments.

Compleo Explorer, a Certified SAP solution, allows you to:

  • Convert reports or structured files, such as LIST, TXT or IDOC into the format that best suits your needs whether Excel or XML
  • Enhance decision making process and analysis by extracting data from spool reports and delivering it in Excel
  • Distribute all converted files securely and automatically for better document governance
  • Store the converted documents within SAP, DMS and Archive Link