Bard Manufacturing Delivers Actionable Business Data to End Users in Real-Time With StarQuery

Bard Manufacturing came to Symtrax in search of a solution to replace their outdated process of querying their IBM iSeries and SQL server. Being able to provide end users with access to this information in real time was a critical need for their daily business operations.


Initially, for us, the biggest benefit will be from the maps, also the ability to extract data into pre-existing spreadsheets with excel defined data and formulas. Another item is the ability to extract data from multiple sources into one spreadsheet.

Roy Crooks, Director of Information Systems
Bard Manufacturing Company

Bard Manufacturing’s Situation

Bard Manufacturing came to Symtrax in search of a solution to replace their outdated and manual process of querying their IBM iSeries and SQL server through an old RPG. Providing end users with access to this information, in real time, is critical to the success of their business operations.

Issue: Blending Data from Multiple Sources and Empowering End Users

Prior to implementing StarQuery, the owner of Bard Manufacturing was handling the queries from the iSeries and SQL server, as he was one of the few people familiar with the antiquated system. Some of their employees had a separate method of querying the iSeries, but the disconnect between the two processes was causing numerous problems for their IT department. Creating joins and mapping data for correct fields was extremely difficult when it came to their manufacturing data. The need to regularly run multiple queries of varying size (up to 10,000+ lines of data) and content (vendor reports, sales metrics, and product information) from their database including roughly 57 million lines of data begged for an overhaul. Bard needed an easier way to map data from the databases to Microsoft Excel that would provide end users with the ability to create queries and extract information on-demand.

Solution Presented by Symtrax

StarQuery MapDesigner enables end users to easily choose the tables and fields from which to extract information, from both the iSeries and SQL Server. This provides end users with the flexibility to extract the exact data necessary for their queries. StarQuery for Excel allows for multiple options when it comes to creating queries. IT personnel now have a quick and efficient method of developing a query upon request, and alternatively, end users are granted the autonomy to create a query with no help from IT what so ever. StarQuery Runtime provides a simplified platform for all end users. With this module, any end user, regardless of their technical abilities, can update predefined queries, with just the click of a button, to get current information.


By implementing StarQuery Suite, Bard Manufacturing was able to significantly simplify their process for obtaining data from their IBM iSeries and SQL server. They no longer have to rely on an outdated process and one person to run all of their queries and have also greatly reduced the stress on their IT personnel. The addition of StarQuery granted end users access to critical data in real-time, and simplified the process to a point where anyone in the company can gain access to what they need with minimal training.


  • Simplified mapping of your data
  • Combine data coming from multiple data sources into one spreadsheet with ease
  • No need to recreate your existing tables, formulas, or definitions within Excel
  • User friendly query creation for IT or end users
  • Simplified interface for end users who need to run the same queries frequently
  • Minimal training required for end users


About Bard Manufacturing

Bard Manufacturing is a 4th generation family owned business founded in 1914 in Bryan, Ohio. Bard Manufacturing Company produces heating and cooling products for the telecommunications, modular, school, light commercial, residential, and international markets.

Since 1914, Bard has combined the time-honored principles of quality with tomorrow’s technological advances to deliver high performance heating and cooling products all over the world.