H&K International Saves time to generate Sales Margins and AP/AR Reports


Very efficient and gives us a much more presentable and group standardized report than the ERP system.

Colin Burns
Group Commercial Manager

The Information Technology Landscape

H&K International (HKI) – a leading global supplier of stainless steel kitchen equipment to the Quick Service Restaurant Industry uses an Orion ERP system running on IBM Systemi® and a DB2 database. Their IT department is spread across various global locations and subsidiary companies. Currently the Orion ERP serves approximately 250 users of which about 100 require real-time access to operational data in MS Excel format. The reports most commonly generated by the users are Sales Margins reports, AP & AR reports, Production reports, and Stock control reports.

Why StarQuery Suite

Prior to incorporating StarQuery Suite into their IT landscape, HKI used iSeries Report Downloader to put reports, printed off by Orion, into Excel format. Creating user’s reports from Orion was difficult and involved multiple steps with significant manual intervention and could sometime take hours to create.

The 2 main criteria in choosing their BI solution were, firstly to have a more efficient software to download reports into user friendly formats – “Quicker Reporting” and secondly to have the ability to write their own reports.


StarQuery Suite gave users the flexibility to create and run their own reports without depending on the ERP vendor for reporting. Colin Burns, Group Commercial Manager at HKI said “a report that takes 1 minute to create using StarQuery would take about 15 minutes to download from Orion, so it saves at least 90% of the time required for an Orion report”. StarQuery Suite not only helps HKI in saving time, but also provides advanced formatting capabilities “which gives you a presentable report immediately, whereas using iSeries Report Downloader, you have to reformat”, said Colin.

Another benefit of using StarQuery Suite is that it has enabled HKI to standardize reports across systems. Although they have the same ERP in the U.S. and Europe, the versions are different so there is a difference in the data and the ERP reports created. Today using StarQuery Suite, HKI users are able to get standard reports from both systems there-by significantly reducing the dependency on the ERP for reports.

StarQuery Suite is currently used in the US, UK/Europe and Australia.


About H&K International

Starting out in Canada in 1975, H&K developed as a key supplier to McDonald’s Restaurants and other large restaurant chains, establishing manufacturing operations at strategic locations worldwide. The H&K Group now employs over 1,000, based at locations in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Ireland, U.K., Spain and Australia.