Symtrax Revolutionizes the Quotation Process

Before Compleo Suite was utilized for quotations, Symtrax created customer quotes, manually. Now Symtrax is able to generate them directly with a pre-formatted template, while permitting workflow authorization and file traceability.


The process was quick and easy to implement. It took one day to customize the CRM export and three days to implement the template and workflow. Best of all the process is secured end-to-end with Compleo.

Adam Esparza, IT Manager @ Symtrax

Despite being the global provider for document output solutions, some of our internal workflows used to be a little cumbersome. Don’t get me wrong: we were already using Compleo Reviewer for expense management, invoice approvals and vacation requests. We have integrated StarQuery with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 to produce sales dashboards and revenue projections.

We still faced a challenge when it came to generating proposals by copy-pasting from Dynamics into Excel, converting to PDF, customizing content in Word and Powerpoint, converting those to PDF, then composing an email and attaching everything to it. There were numerous opportunities for error and no way to tell whether the email – now loaded with attachments — got through to our customer. When a quotation was approved, a Sales Order was generated in Word and sent as PDF. Our customer printed this out, signed, scanned and returned it…

Solution Evaluation for Quotation System

One of our new sales managers came from a company that had integrated a range of third party applications which, taken together, had streamlined the above process. Each of these applications was expensive, and required outside consultants to plan and implement. Everything worked, but underneath the covers was a patchwork of “point solutions” from different vendors: if something broke, you didn’t know who to call. We began researching these solutions, but quickly discovered that Compleo Suite could do the job more easily and with minimal effort.

Implementation & Process Improvements

As Compleo was already compatible with our CRM, we found the quotation process easy to implement. Now, solution consultants are developing professional looking proposals in minutes and while embedding rich, customized content into the same document. Once reviewed, they just press the release button and the customer receives an email with an embedded link to their proposal.

We utilized Compleo modules for the following processes, in order to streamline our quotation process from start to finish:

  • Compleo Designer: to import the quote from the CRM in XML format, generating an enriched and formatted PDF quote.
  • Compleo Supervisor: to automate the whole process so that no user interaction is needed to produce a quote.
  • Compleo Reviewer: to send the enriched formatted PDF quote into a workflow for an approval process. The quote is emailed to the prospect after it has been approved.
  • Compleo Archivor: to archive the approved quote and send to the prospect, via a published external URL that also maintains a document history, showing who has viewed the proposal, how often and when.

Process Transformation

The solution completely revolutionized our business process. We are able to use our CRM to create finished proposals, instead of copying and pasting content from Word, PowerPoint and Excel, before converting to PDF. It enabled us to automate distribution directly to prospects, in a beautiful & highly-professional format, as well as track receipt of the proposal – no more wondering “did they get it?”

The process was quick and easy to implement. It took one day to customize the CRM export and three days to implement the template and workflow. Best of all the process is secured end-to-end with Compleo – Adam Esparza, IT Manager @ Symtrax

As part of the process, an external document workflow was created to facilitate management approvals. This gives us the option to have a second level approval for important bids, with date of validation stated directly on the proposal. Our sales team is extremely happy with the results. We are already planning the next phase, which will allow our customers to electronically approve our Software License Agreement, fully closing the loop.

Autonomous and Secure

Compleo is ideal for simplifying and automating document processes. It specifically integrates the ability to track read/receipt logs so that our Solution Consultants know when the quote has been viewed and how many times it has been accessed via the published link (GUID) sent. It is sent securely and there is authorization, traceability and document governance incorporated in the process.

Our employees now have complete control of quote accessibility, which can be superseded or deactivated on demand, as well as automatically disabled after the quote validation date has passed. It has made a world of difference in our proposal process, and projects an air of professionalism to our customers that we aspire to attain in all aspects of our business.

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