Enhance your IT System Output for XML Document Compatibility

In today’s business world Electronic Data Interchange is a standard for companies to pass crucial information back and forth without and need for human intervention. In this webinar we will focus on how this can be achieved in XML format.

One major problem that employees currently have is they do not know how to code in XML or they do not have an existing process for them to achieve XML code from their ERP output. This can hinder relationships with vendors who need to accept XML code, as well as tie up important resources. In order to keep up with these ever changing needs we have developed a solution that can take any ERP output and convert it into XML code which can then be distributed without any change in your current process.

Benefits to your business:

  • Convert ERP output into XML code
  • Automate the process so no human intervention is needed
  • Make no changes to your existing ERP solution, integration is seamless


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