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Businesses innately demand consistent change, mostly in terms of ease affiliated with technological advancements. Each factor contributes towards essentially uplifting business processes into higher efficiency. E-signatures are one of these factors, which help smoothen the approval process and eventually fasten the workflow involved throughout.

  1. E-signatures follow internal protocols for external approvals, therefore ensuring security across your corporate network.
  2. Intuitive signing solution offering compatibility with all types of devices and overall faster turn- around time.
  3. Audit traceability and process tracking makes adhering to compliance regulations easier, while maintaining high level security.
  4. Reduced paper usage helps save resources, is environment friendly and cost-effective.
  5. Real-time acknowledgments and updates allow for the processes to be completed in hours instead of days.
  6. Multi-level authentication handles approval through multiple hierarchies and/or multiple approvals from the same-level hierarchy.
  7.  Sign debit/credit notes and invoices with e-signatures to help facilitate business transactions. Join us for a webinar to discuss E-signatures, and the impact it has on approvals, automation and of course, your business altogether.
Presented by
Shriniwas Senad
Business Development executive