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90% of clients expect post-sales correspondence regarding order updates and progress. Though diminutive, order shipment notices play a pivotal role in the supply chain. ASN helps the recipient to be ready for the flow-through and storage allocation, along with better visibility and accuracy.

Using API based EDI integration, businesses can enhance supply chain performance and strengthen their partner relationships. And this is exactly where Symtrax can help.

Join us for a Free Webinar on February 8, 2023, at 2:00 PM (SGT), where we will demonstrate how EDI and ASNs help the drive toward a leaner and more efficient supply chain.

Key highlights of the webinar:

  • Automating ASN creation and distribution using EDI
  • Data interchange with EDI – The Compleo Way
  • Key benefits of integrating Compleo Hybrid into your system
  • Q & A

Join us for more!



Presented by
Kenny Wen
Solution Consultant