Learn how to easily improve SAP Printing Management

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During this webinar, we will address common problems faced in SAP printing, including driver installation, page printed status, broadband problems, and the handling of errors. We will also provide a live demonstration of Compleo Print Manager, an SAP Certified Solution, for a hands on look at how each of these issues are addressed.

Topics addressed during this webinar:

  • Simplify any new printer integration and connection
    • Learn how to instantly implement all new printer options without configuring a new SAP driver
  • Getting SAP detailed feedback on Printer, Tray, and “Page Printed” Status
    • Discover the benefits of a centralized web print monitoring system addressing multiple SAP systems
  • Speed up remote SAP printing. Improve printing performance and save broadband
    • Find out how to support remote warehouses, offices, or production lines without network changes
  • Handling printing errors automatically through preset backup printers
    • Discover how to implement easy rules to back up printers or reroute interrupted processes for remaining pages

Continued Learning:

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