Output Management empowers IT and business users to achieve operational efficiency by enhancing and distributing various reports and business documents generated by ERP systems. This efficiency is created by bursting and routing ERP outputs intelligently. However, the system needs to be flexible and scalable enough to cope with the increasing volume of a growing business.

Depending on the volume and needs of your organization, and its centralized or decentralized geographical implementation, you can deploy an Output Management Solution (OMS) in various architectural setups that leverage available technologies such as parallel processing or load balancing.

In this whitepaper, we discuss factors influencing output management Solution implementations. We detail various architectural setups, and show which is best suited to an organization depending on factors such as, document volume, document size, and systems architecture configuration.

As an example, we deliver a benchmark specifying volumes processed by Compleo Suite, and demonstrate that by choosing appropriate technologies, such as parallel processing or load balancing, improves scalability and process efficiency.


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