Intelligent printing configuration to cope with SAP Printing Challenges


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Printing is still a major operation in modern businesses. A wide variety of business documents, from many different departments, are still required to be printed and stored regardless of the advances in recently technology.

This whitepaper will help you understand and simplify complex issues in the SAP printing world. It will address 10 major problems faced by both IT Operations and end users:

  • Finding respective print drivers to operate with SAP
  • Easily route an SAP print to the correct printer without complex programming or setup
  • Quickly address a defective printer problem and easily allow for a backup printer to take over
  • Manage bandwidth bottleneck issues caused by large prints
  • Dealing with secure print requiring a printer badge for delivery
  • Instantly replace a defective printer with a new one, regardless of brand
  • Define an advanced configuration, or multiple advanced configurations, for the same printer
  • Detect and restart operations without page duplication or a missing page in case of print failure
  • Avoid “spool overflow error” without hurting performance
  • Monitor all SAP printer statuses in real-time from a single interface

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