Symtrax Solution Delivery Partners Program

Service Bureau – To grow your revenue

Become SaaS Provider using Symtrax Document Management Software. Offer your customers added value on their business documents processing.

  • Help businesses to quickly and efficiently adapt to new government legislation and regulations.
  • Create a paperless environment for your customers, such e-invoicing, e-payslips.
  • Improve business document distribution and workflows.

Working on SAP? Then you know how many development days are required to customize documents. Differentiate yourself by including Symtrax Document Management Software to your offer for less costs and delays, and more added value.

SaaS Editor – To enhance your application

As a SaaS Editor, benefit from Symtrax Document Management Software to improve your SaaS ERP. Integrate a solution to boost efficiency of business document produced.

  • Easily adapt business documents to new regulations or requirements, XAdES, PAdES, PDF/A
  • Give access to business documents from mobile devices
  • Securely share documents with customers and partners
  • Offer new capabilities for application remote use

Independent Consultant – To improve your performance

Recommended by Symtrax Data & Document Management Software you will increase your consulting opportunities. Advise customers about improving their reports and business document processes.

  • Improve and build form templates
  • Improve and implement automated business document distribution and workflows
  • Easily differentiate your Consulting expertise from competitors

Working on SAP? Using SmartForms? Propose Symtrax Document Management Software and differentiate yourself on document and print management.

Value Added Reseller – to offer added value to your current customer base

Becoming a Value Added Reseller involves implementing Document Management or Business Intelligence Software on your customer’s premises.

  • Enhance information service with data and document management features
  • Increased customer satisfaction by implementing a tailored solution into their current IT environment.
  • Bring reactivity to document changes to your SAP customers and ease up print management