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Go digital with your document approval

The document approval process can be slow. What’s more, it can be even slower if you have physical documents exchanging hands.
However, large file attachments can cause problems too. They can even lead a digital document approval process to stall entirely. As a result, your document process can suffer major setbacks. In contrast, Compleo lets you fix this to save time and effort.

Automatically send documents to be approved

  • Automate your document approval without writing a line of code.
  • Send links, not attachments, for document approval so nothing gets lost in the shuffle.
  • Make the bulk approval/signing process seamless for everyone.
  • Approve and sign POs, invoices, and more, based on your preferences.

Document approval anywhere, anytime

Universal and flexible

We handle a variety of file types. Because of this, there’s no limit to the types of reports a user reviews. Then, you can stay on top of new business practices by using a digital workflow.
Compleo shares each document’s status and final PDF with the original source (ERP, CRM, etc.). Also, Compleo merges the approval process with your existing IT setup.
So, this means minimal changes and disruptions for your team.

No more time restrictions

Businesses rely on critical document processes. We can automate those processes for greater efficiency.
With Compleo, a user receives an automatic notice of an approval request by email. Next, they can access the secured document through any web browser.
Finally, users can sign/approve anywhere, anytime. In this way, you can reduce validation times and improve your business.

Paperless workflow

Going paperless is the key to an effective approval process. With Compleo, you can automate time-consuming processes.
In addition, experience better document security and greater control over your documents.

Go live with Compleo in a matter of weeks

Gain insight into your business processes:

The key to an efficient business is an smooth workflow. To help with this, Compleo reduces errors and increases efficiency with a paperless solution.
Compleo allows for quicker, smarter decision-making. Due to this, team members can collaborate in an intelligent, agile way.

Increase accountability:

Compleo lets you track your business processes. So, no matter the size of your teams, you can maintain accountability.
Plus, defining set tasks for each step in a workflow helps increase transparency.
Also, you can use automated notifications to ensure the entire process runs correctly.

Get rid of repetition:

Create custom report templates with Compleo.
Then, automate the templates using Compleo Supervisor. No coding is required.
Thus, Compleo lets you automate report creation. As a result, you can send the automatic reports for approval/review.

Efficient & Paperless

Replace your manual processes with digital workflows. Also, review & approve your documents without printing a single page.

Go digital with Compleo Suite!


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