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Automate document approval processes

Simplify business document tasks


Automatize document approval processes for greater efficiency

Achieve greater operational efficiency

  • Automate document approval workflows and completely digitize business transactions.
  • Reduce manual document approval for a lower chance of human error.
  • Stay connected by approving documents in real-time, anywhere, from any device.

Reduce costs and time spent

  • Operate seamlessly with your processes instantly.
  • Eliminate document approval and forwarding delays: no need to chase down recipients for their signature.
  • Go digital and enjoy a cost-saving paperless process.

Add transparency and traceability

  • Follow individual interactions and monitor documents as they progress through their lifecycle.
  • Define set tasks for each step in a workflow.
  • Easily follow accountability and who is responsible for the next part of the approval process.


Efficient Digitized Document Approval

Compleo receives documents from your ERP, facilitates approval, then sends them on for signature and/or archiving. The result is a customized system that can replace your manual processes with a digital approval workflow. Review and approve documents in real time, without printing a single page.

Automating and monitoring simultaneous processes is easier with Compleo.

Compleo Remote Agent processes documents in real-time. Approval can be done manually after review. Alternately, the entire process can be automated for bulk-signing.

Compleo WebSign allows users to add a remote signature to documents via URL. You can accomplish your part of this job at your convenience.

Automated workflow management also handles distribution via email. This extends to printing locally and archiving processed documents in both local systems and the appropriate ERP/CRM/BPM.


Implement an automated, customized approval workflow to suit your business needs

Digitize your document approval process with Compleo.

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Improve your business processes with an automated, customizable e-signature workflow

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